Technical Ceramics Division

Technical ceramic materials is according to the material owned properties thereby manufacturing a composite material. We produce custom products for your specifications such as: high hardness, high strength, wear protection, heat and corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, optical, electrical and dielectric properties.


Wide range of product applications:
• Electronic Substrate • Metal Forming 
• Thermal Conductor • Wear Resistant 
• Dielectric         • Corrosion Resistant 
• Seal and Pump  • Sputtering Target 
KTX expertise as we assist you in selecting the correct ceramic material for your application, and offer the ability to produce many exotic/custom ceramic compounds.
• Al2O3, Alumina      • TiCN, Titanium CarboNitride 
• AlN, Aluminum Nitride  • TiC, Titanium Carbide 
• BN, Boron Nitride  • TiB2,Titanium Diboride
• MgO, Magnesium Oxide • TiN, Titanium Nitride
• Nb2Ox, Niobium Oxide, Sub-Oxide • TiOx, Titanium Oxide, Sub-Oxide
• Sialon • WC, Tungsten Carbide
• SiC, Silicon Carbide • WO3, Tungsten Oxide
• Si3N4, Silicon Nitride  • ZrO2, Zirconia
• SnO2, Tin Oxide • ZnO, Zinc Oxide

Al2O3 composite

TiB2 composite

AlN composite

WC composite